This singles ladder accessible to members, above, is to allow those who like to play singles in the club a more organised opportunity to do so. If you are interested, please contact Teresa Roberts ( Once you are signed up, please read the rules here and the FAQs here to make sure you understand how it will work. Below is a list of the key points:

  • The league will be managed using the Global Tennis Network site. You will be invited to join the Horley Lawn Tennis Club network, and the Singles Ladder. An administrator will need to ‘approve’ your entry on the system.

  • The ladder will be free for the first couple of months. After that, a fee of approximately £2 every 6 months will be charged to cover the admin costs.

  • This is a friendly ladder, with no prizes, that will run indefinitely (or at least for a trial basis of 6 months).

  • New entries to the ladder will be added at the bottom, unless otherwise decided for the good of the ladder.

  • The basic premise of the ladder is leapfrog - you can challenge people up to 2 places above or below you, and if the lower player beats the higher player they move above them.

  • You have a week to accept a challenge and 16 days to play it.

  • If you do not accept or do not play a challenge you will forfeit the match - the goal of the ladder is to play tennis.

  • If you are going to be unavailable due to injury or holiday you can mark yourself as unavailable to prevent challenges.

  • Matches will be best of 3 sets with 3rd set “Championship” tiebreak (ie first to 10 points).

There are a few more details about the rules, so please do read them on the site. 

Feedback is welcome.

If you have any problems using the Global Tennis Network site, contact Teresa, who will be happy to meet up with you and show how it works.